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United Treasure

We have been serving in the travel industry since 2013.

Earlier, we served under the name of “Shree Nathdwara”

Which is basically providing services to Shreeji’s Vaishnavs & still serving them.

We are working for domestic and international tourism.

We also specialise in spiritual tourism.

Recently we have changed the name of the travel agency from
“Shree Nathdwara” to “United Treasure”.



“United Treasure” is a phrase that represents endless opportunities

for travel, tourism, and adventure in the following ways:

“United ” represents an entity or individual that values unity, national pride,

integrity, trustworthiness, excellence, and diversity.

“Treasure” represents something tangible and rare,

with an enchanting and captivating quality that is deeply appreciated for its significance, uniqueness, richness, and enduring value.

Empathy while also cherishing and being resilient in the face of challenges.



We are registered as an “Online Travel Agency” now and continuously serve

each & every one to the destinations and domestic tourism.

We have a chain network of agencies in the domestic destinations of India.



Recently, We also offered a private destination host to Shree Nathdwara.

This host can give you every pristine historical detail about Shree Nathdwara’s geographical places as described in the book Shree Nathdwara ( Bhav Chitrankan).

You can reserve the host as per your visit to Shree Nathdwara.

Thank you for trusting in us.

We are so honoured & grateful for your immense love for us.

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